Company overview

Goldfields Logistics Ltd is a Christian clearing and forwarding company registered and licensed to serve those who serve. This includes missionary organizations, churches and church organizations, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) charity, and charitable organizations.

The main aims/objectives of Goldfields Logistics Ltd is to help missionary organizations, churches and church organizations, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charity, and charitable organizations in documentation through government offices with the relevant/required papers used in both imports and exports of their consignments as conveniently as possible. This mostly applies through customs and excise departments. Therefore, eliminating the suffering, high-cost demurrage incurred by our respective organizations caused due to lack of proper advice and experience in clearing and forwarding.

The following services are offered by Goldfields logistics Ltd Company at fair and reasonable prices. AS posted on our Website

Our Motto: Your Cargo is precious Gold in the Field

Core Values – F.I.E.L.D.S

  • F-Fairness -In all our dealings in logistical work we uphold integrity, honesty, and fairness to all our clients and treat them equally.
  • I-Integrity -Uphold the highest standards in our professionalism and to be truthful, reliable, and be focused as always.
  • E-Earnest -We are determined to work on any consignment at any time without examining the size volume and gains.
  • L-Leading -To be a global leader by example and hold the position at all times in summer and winter.
  • D-Delight -We are always pleased with whatever assignment we are entrusted in our all the time in our respective industries.
  • S-Support -We encourage our staff to work as a TEAM to supplement one another to accomplish our set goals and participating in helping and the needy in the society.

Our Mission

To be rated amongst the fifty Freight forwarding companies in the world in terms of Performance and networking by the Year 2030.

Aims & Objectives

To help our Clients document through government offices the relevant/ required papers used in both imports and exports of their consignments as convenient as possible.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

At TWR Kenya and SIFA FM Stations we consider Hezron K. Thethere and his company Goldfield Logistics Ltd, as an answer to pray. Goldfields came into our lives at a time when we really needed the services of a clearing agent. In 2008 we embarked on the ambitious project of setting an FM broadcasting network in some of the remotest part of Kenya. To accomplish this, we needed to import most the equipment needed such as transmitters, antennas, links, mixers and other broadcast equipment. We have also brought in radios and Bibles to support our listeners on the ground. We have also gone ahead and imported vehicles for our ministry. For all these we have worked with Goldfields Logistics Ltd for more than 10 years now and we have experienced seamless services and advice as we have brought in various consignments. We are happy to tell all our friends and partners about their excellent services. We highly recommend Goldfields Logistics Ltd for all your importation needs. This is one decision you will not regret.

Bernice Gatere
Executive Director, TWR-Kenya and SIFA FM Stations.

More than 10 Years
of Experience

1321 Imports and Exports
2227 Goods on
5323 Goods
580 satisfied

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