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At TWR Kenya and SIFA FM Stations we consider Hezron K. Thethere and his company Goldfield Logistics Ltd, as an answer to pray. Goldfields came into our lives at a time when we really needed the services of a clearing agent. In 2008 we embarked on the ambitious project of setting an FM broadcasting network in some of the remotest part of Kenya. To accomplish this, we needed to import most the equipment needed such as transmitters, antennas, links, mixers and other broadcast equipment. We have also brought in radios and Bibles to support our listeners on the ground. We have also gone ahead and imported vehicles for our ministry. For all these we have worked with Goldfields Logistics Ltd for more than 10 years now and we have experienced seamless services and advice as we have brought in various consignments. We are happy to tell all our friends and partners about their excellent services. We highly recommend Goldfields Logistics Ltd for all your importation needs. This is one decision you will not regret.

Bernice Gatere
Executive Director, TWR-Kenya and SIFA FM Stations.

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