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Goldfields is a Christian freight forwarding company registered and licensed to serve those who serve. This includes missionary organizations, churches, and church organizations, non-governmental organization(NGO) charity and charitable organizations under our driving motto “YOUR CARGO IS PRECIOUS GOLD IN THE FIELD”



( Sea freight and Air freight)

We clear our client’s consignments Both Sea freight and Airfreights from all over the world.

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Transit & Transhipment Cargo’s Clearance

We clear goods through ports of Mombasa and Jomo Kenyatta that are bound to other countries like Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi including Southern Sudan.

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( Sea freight and Air freight)

We export through all major Ports and Airports in Kenya to all destinations worldwide as per client’s specifications and stick to ALL rules of exports and legality.

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Clearing and Fowarding

We offer consultancy services to our clients on imports and export as well as general rules on logistics trade and formalities.

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Motor Vehicles Imports

(Road and Railway transportation)

We transport our client’s goods from all ports in Kenya and deliver them to their guided or instructed destinations in Kenya.

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More Services

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